Make an easy and convenient sale of your trailer with our trailer bill of sale form ahead in the article. The trailer bill of sale is the legal document that works as proof of a change in the ownership of the trailer. You will most probably require this bill of sale while selling out the trailer to a new buyer. It’s absolutely mandatory in nature by the DMV across all the states of the USA in the legal contexts.

Here in the article, we are going to offer a fully printable template of this bill of sale for the ultimate convenience of our readers. They can use the template to prepare the full-fledged and lawful bill of sale for the sale of the trailer.

Printable Trailer Bill of Sale Form

Printable Trailer Bill of Sale Form


Well, if you are willing to sell your trailer then there are a number of steps that you have to follow in this regard. All these steps facilitate the smooth sale of the trailer and getting a reasonable price for sale. Readers can check out all the steps below and follow them in a similar order.

Step 1 – Find Out the Type of Trailer and Its Worth

You need to understand the type of trailer first that you are going to sell ahead. Understand the model of the trailer and figure out its estimated market value in the present scenario. Once you become fully aware of trailer market value then only you should initiate the sale offer. You can subsequently have an idea of the sale amount that you should offer for the trailer.

Step 2 – List the Trailer for Sale

Once you are aware of the worth of the trailer then you should make the sale offer right away. For this, you can choose the local advertisement agency to publish the offer of sale. You can also choose the social media platforms as well for the rapid response of the buyers. There are some brokers as well who can take care of the sale affairs of the trailer on your behalf.

trailer bill of sale


Step 3 – Meet with Buyers & Negotiate the Price

Gradually you will start getting the number of offers for the sale of the trailer from the various buyers. You have to meet all the buyers and show them the condition of the trailer. You can subsequently negotiate with them on the final price of sale and ultimately find the best deal for the trailer. Filter out the numbers of buyers as well during the course so just be ready for that practice too.

Step 4 – Fill the Trailer Bill of Sale

Once the buyer and sellers agree on the same price point for the trailer then they need to fill the bill of sale. This bill of sale should be filled in the presence of both parties to ensure the correct details. Here below are the details that this bill of sale will generally contain.

  • Date of the Sale
  • Seller/Buyer Name with Mailing Addresses
  • Description of Trailer as Model/Maker Company/Registration Number/Insurance/Other Details
  • Final Price of Sale
  • Official Signatures of Seller/Buyer

Step 5 – Registration with the DMV

Once the sale is finally executed then the buyer has to get the new registration of the trailer with the DMV in his/her name. This is the mandatory process to inform the DMV about the change in the title of the vehicle during the sale/purchase. Subsequently, with the new registration of the trailer, the buyer will get the fully genuine title to the trailer.

Trailer Bill of Sale Form Template

Trailer Bill of Sale Form Template


Well, the trailer bill of sale is just like any other bill of sale that follows the standard procedure. We are here simplifying the whole process for the reference of our readers.

Step 1 – Start with the Name of Parties & Price Agreement

Start the bill of sale by introducing both the parties in the sale on a particular date. Mention the names of both the seller and buyers in the bill. Also, mention the amount of agreement for the sale of the trailer and advance if any.

Step 2 – Provide the Brief Description of the Trailer

The trailer is the key component of the sale, therefore, there should be proper details of the same. You can provide all the brief details of the trailer that help in its identification. It includes the following information to make all the details very clear about the trailer.

  • Type/Model
  • Make Company of the Trailer
  • Year of Purchase
  • Registration Number
  • Odometer Count
  • Final Price of Sale
  • Insurance etc.

Step 3 – Mandatory Signature on the Bill of Sale

Well, the final signature on the agreement of sale is what completes the bill of sale. So, both the seller and buyer should end the bill of sale with their respective signatures. The signatures will bind both parties to the agreement of sale. Finally, the seller and buyer can exchange the sale price and the possession of the trailer from each other.

Step 4 – Get the Acknowledgment of Notary

Well, it’s always in good practice for the buyer to get the acknowledgment of the notary on the new title of the trailer. The buyer can simply produce the bill of sale to the notary to get it notified. With this notification, the final step of the trailer ownership transfer will get its completion point.

Bill of Sale For Trailer

Bill of Sale For Trailer


So, with this simple-to-follow guide, the seller and the buyer can execute the sale of the trailer together. We, therefore, hope the article would bring awareness to the functionality of the bill of sale. Our readers can check out our printable template for the trailer bill of sale to use it as the statutory form of the sale.

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