Mobile home bill of sale form is something that is useful to execute the sale of the movable house from one individual to the other. This bill of sale records all the essential information regarding the sale in the legal context.

Mobile Home Bill of Sale Form

Mobile Home Bill of Sale Form PDF

It’s further mandatory by the law to produce the bill of sale while selling any mobile home. Here in the article, we shall provide our users with the printable template of this bill of sale form. They can use the template to draft a fully formal mobile home bill of sale form.

Printable Mobile Home Bill of Sale

Printable Mobile Home Bill of Sale PDF

In the USA the sale of a mobile home is quite normal among all travel enthusiasts. They often sell out the mobile home when they feel like disposing of the house. This is where the mobile home bill of sale plays its part. This bill records all the required details of the mobile home as the proof of ownership transfer for the home.

How to Use the Mobile Home Bill of Sale?

Well, using the home bill of sale is not a complicated task as it follows some simple steps. We are here going to simplify all those steps for the understanding of our readers. They can follow the same steps so as to use the mobile home bill of sale for themselves.

Step 1 – Discuss the Terms with Buyer

As a seller, you first need to find a genuine buyer for the mobile home in the context of sale purposes. Once you find the buyer then you simply need to discuss all the terms and negotiate on the final price. The seller should provide all the relevant information to the buyer regarding the mobile home. It would mutually agree both the seller and buyer on similar terms of sale.

Step 2 – Inspection of Mobile Home by Buyer

The buyer will decide to take a look at the mobile home before finally filling the bill of sale form. The seller should make sure that the mobile home should be in decent condition for making a nice impression. If there is any damage then the seller should take care of the same before sell.

Bill of Sale Mobile Home

Bill of Sale Mobile Home PDF

Step 3 – Execute the Sell and Close the Deal

We finally come to the closing part where the seller fills the bill of sale. This bill is filled in the presence of the buyer mutually. Here the seller has to fill in the following information in the mobile home bill of sale.

  • Date of the sale
  • Name of the buyer/seller
  • Description of the mobile home
  • The final sale price
  • Any other terms of the sale
  • Signatures of seller/buyer

These are the mandatory standard clauses for the mobile home bill of sale which have to be there in the bill of sale. The seller may include the other details as well as per the requirement of the mobile home.

Step 4 – New Registration of Mobile Home

Once the sale is executed between the seller and buyer then the buyer has to do his/her part further. The very first thing is to get the fresh registration of the mobile home in the name of the buyer. Here the bill of sale will again play its role while seeking the new registration. Once the mobile home is registered in the name of the buyer then the ownership gets fully transferred to the buyer.

Bill of Sale Mobile Home PDF

So, this is how the mobile home bill of sale plays its part in the sale of the mobile home. We urge our readers to follow all these steps while selling/buying a mobile home. You can also use our readily usable bill of sale in order to draft the bill for the sale.

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