An automotive or a motor Car bill of sale form Template is considered as a record of the sale of a vehicle, which is used as protection to both the buyer and the seller. This Car bill of sale is a legal document that is used to transfer the ownership of a motor vehicle from one individual to another. This is nothing but a change of ownership of the vehicle in question.

Car Bill of Sale Form Template

Accordingly, a bill of sale acts as proof that a sale has taken place between the buyer and the seller. It is commonly used for a car or an automobile. In many US states, this bill of sale is required to be registered for any vehicle, at the office of the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Car Bill of Sale Form Template PDF

A vehicle bill of sale is also referred to as a DMV bill of sale, an agreement of a car purchase, a car contract, a vehicle sale receipt, car bill of sale, an auto or an automobile bill of sale. Same as the RV bill of sale is referred to as a Recreational Vehicle bill of sale.

By possessing a vehicle bill of sale, the owner can prove that the vehicle is legally owned by him/her. In fact, vehicle bill of sale is considered as an important document while buying a car or any vehicle, especially from a private seller.  In the case of a bill of sale document, it proves to be practical if a dispute occurs over the ownership of the vehicle between the buyer and the seller.

Blank Bill of Sale for Car Template

It can be found that the bill of sale document is clearly designed to reveal all the terms of the sale agreement; a description of the automobile at the time of the sale. This is followed by the signatures of both the parties to avoid any sort of ambiguity.

Blank Car Bill of Sale Template PDF

When purchasing a motor vehicle through a private transaction, it should be understood that the buyer will not get any standard receipt and title, offered to other buyers who purchase from retailers and dealers. However, this does not mean that the buyer and the seller do not require documents of the transaction, but it has to be done through a bill of sale. The same is followed in another bill of sale like a furniture bill of sale.

Sample Car Bill of Sale Template

Coming to the description of a bill of sale form, one should know that it is a fillable document. It can be completed to outline the transaction terms involving any type of vehicle, as it serves a proof of purchase. The format of a bill of sale can be accessed through the web and is downloadable in PDF format. This can be printed and used for further processing.

Sample Car Bill of Sale Template PDF

As already mentioned above, it can be seen that a bill of sale acts as a receipt and can be used to prove the transfer of ownership in a private transaction involving a motor vehicle. Some of the best advantages of registering for title transfer at the DMV office include filing of taxes and applying for insurance. Other advantage includes determining the liability for a legal matter based on ownership. This means that the seller can confirm that he does not own the vehicle and is not liable. This advantage is also available in the Jet Ski bill of sale.

A question arises now as to how to use a motor vehicle bill of sale by the buyer or a seller. In the case of a buyer, he/she can use the copy of the bill of sale while filing for a transfer of title at the DMV’s office, if required by the state in which the previous purchase occurred. In the case of a seller, it will be observed that the seller can use his/her copy of the bill of sale as proof that he/she no longer possess the vehicle, and cannot be held liable for any legal trouble involving it.

Printable Car Bill of Sale Template

Printable Car Bill of Sale Template PDF

Some of the desired information for a bill of sale is that a valid bill of sale should reflect the following details about the parties involved in the transaction. They are detailed below:

  • Information like the names of both buyer and seller, information about contacts and addresses
  • The description of the vehicle, like color, style of the body, year of manufacture, model of the vehicle, and make
  • A seventeen-character unique code, known as VIN, can be used to track its registration; this code is given to that vehicle
  • Other details, such as the sale price of the vehicle, method of payment, and effective date of payment
  • The sale condition of the vehicle could be, as is, or includes a warranty
  • Information on warranty about the vehicle wherever applicable
  • If applicable, details about sales tax inclusion
  • Other information, like odometer disclosure, which is a record of the mileage of the vehicle, this information should be provided as required by federal law

With respect to the process of transferring a vehicle title, it may be observed that even though transferring any vehicle varies from state to state in the US, this transfer process involves the following steps, which is detailed below:

  • In this step, the seller completes the bill of sale by completing all the formalities related to the transfer of the vehicle
  • Now, both the parties, namely the buyer and the seller, will sign the bill of sale document
  • Next, it is necessary to notarize the completed bill of sale document and is mandatory for states in the US like Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Arizona, Montana, Louisiana, and Ohio.
  • These details are also major for the Arkansas bill of sale and West Virginia.

After the last step, the process of transferring the vehicle from the seller to the buyer involves signing over the title to the buyer. Thereafter, the buyer becomes the official owner of the vehicle and will be able to register it as his/her own in the office of the DMV in his/her state.

It is essential to have knowledge about writing a motor vehicle bill of sale document. This document is important in other things like- dog/puppy bill of sale. After completion of writing the bill of sale, the seller will receive his/her payment and hand over the possession of the vehicle to the buyer. Now, the buyer will have a time of ten days to register it in the office of the DMV.

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