Well, are you willing to sell or buy an airplane? If yes then the Aircraft bill of sale is something that is going to be relevant for you. This bill is what contains all the details regarding the sale of the airplane from one individual to the other.

Printable Aircraft Bill of Sale Form

Aircraft Bill of Sale Form PDF

This is a legal document that has to be filed with the Federal Aviation authorities of the USA in accordance with the FAA. Here in the article, we are going to cover up all the possible details on the Airplane bill of sale to guide all our readers.

Bill of Sale Aircraft

Bill of Sale Aircraft PDF

Well, selling an airplane or an aircraft is not something like an ordinary thing since the aircraft fall in the purview of the FAA. You, therefore, need to provide all the details for the sale of the airplane as per the FAA to the concerned authorities. You can use the Airplane bill of sale as the legal document that can prove the change in the ownership of the aircraft/airplane.

How to File an Airplane Bill of Sale?

Well, there are several steps in filing up the airplane bill of sale with the FAA. The good news is that we have compiled the statutory format for the airplane bill of sale for the convenience of our readers.

Bill of Sale form for Aircraft

Bill of Sale form for Aircraft PDF

So, they don’t have to go anywhere else to find the template for the airplane bill of sale. Moreover, we are also mentioning the step-by-step guide to file this airplane bill of sale. We believe this guide will make it easier for the readers to understand the whole process of filing this bill of sale for an airplane.

Step 1 – Negotiate the Price of the Plane with the Seller

Well, the negotiation is the very first thing that comes in all the sale agreements. The buyer needs to negotiate with the seller to come to the final price for the sale of an airplane. The buyer should also be clear of all other terms of the sale such as the refundable status.

Step 2 – Set the Final Amount of Sale & Fill the Bill of Sale

Once the buyer and the seller gets the consensus at one particular sell price point of the airplane then they need to fill out the bill of sale form. Remember the seller should fill this form in the presence of the buyer on all the points of mutual consensus. The seller has to fill the two copies of the bill as one has to be furnished to the FAA. There is some certain information that must be filled in this bill of sale.

  • The date on which the sale of airplanes is taking place.
  • Basic details about the plane such as the model year, manufacturing date, name of a manufacturing company, etc.
  • Name of the buyer along with the full-fledged address.
  • Name of the seller with the proper address.
  • Final/Net amount of sale.
  • Date of transferring the possession of the plane.
  • Also, mention the location or the province where the sell transaction is taking place.

Step 3 – Have the Final Inspection of the Airplane and Finalize the Deal

Once the bill of sale is filled duly by the seller and the buyer mutually then the buyer should once again inspect the plane. Remember this is the last time to go through the airplane before the sale. Once you become sure of finding all the details of the plane in a good manner then you can proceed on to the final step.

Step 4 – Register the Sale of Plane with the FAA

This is the final step that grants legal and lawful recognition to the deed of sale for the airplane. Here the buyer needs to register the plane with the FAA right after filling the final bill of sale. There is the form as AC Form 8050-1  that the buyer needs to file with the Federation Aviation Agency. There will be legal fees for the same which is approx $5 and may vary from state to state.

Bill of Sale form for Aircraft PDF

So, with all these steps the filling of the bill of sale for airplanes will take a legal acknowledgment. We believe the article would come in handy to all our readers in the course of buying/selling the airplane.

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