A Bill of sale is a document or a certificate which states the transfer of custody of the goods from its former owner to the new owner. Here, we provide you with the templates for the same. Using this bill will help you in keeping a record of all of your sales and purchases and also can be held as proof for possible future disputes regarding the possession of the item for the seller or the purchaser.

Sample Bill of Sale

The bill of sale form is used for the purchase and sale of different goods or assets, some of which are vehicles, personal property that is called a general bill of sale, boats, trailers, Firearm, Horse, etc.

How to write a bill of sale

You download the bill of sale template for your assistance online, and you can also write it by yourself. When you write the form by yourself, the chances of errors and mistakes can be higher. Whereas, if you will use these templates, the formatting is made with causation and there are no errors or mistakes in it and it will also save your time and also from the hassle that may come in your way. You just need to fill in the blanks which will be the name of the buyer and sellers, dates, and signature, the rest will already be printed on the form. 

If you are going to use the form for the first time then you should be well-known for the language and some crucial words on the bill. The first word is “As-is” under which the name of the item is stated which is beige purchased. “Gift” is a word used when the item is given to the buyer with no coverage in return.

The name of the purchaser is written under the heading “Buyer” and the seller’s name is written under “Seller”. “Notary Public” is someone who is A disinterested 3rd party public officer, for which you can buy a professional service or you can find it at your local bank.

“Payment” is the amount in which the deal will take place, which will be given by the buyer to the seller. “Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)” is a code written on the bill while trading a car, which is basically the number of the vehicle that consists of a sequence of numbers and letters. It is mandatory for the VIN to be written on the form.

All the above-mentioned terms will be present in your printable bill of sale and you should be familiar with these terms if you going to make a purchase or a sale. 

Sample bill of sale with Examples

The bill of sale word template is printable so that you will be able to print them from anywhere and from any printer, and we have already discussed the formatting that there will be no errors or misprints in it.

If you are curious to know about the formatting of the template then here is an example of a vehicle bill of sale. 

The bill includes-

  1. Date (the date on which the sale is made)
  2. Description of the Vehicle (it includes the model, year in which the vehicle is made, VIN, mileage, and license plate number)
  3. The selling amount of the vehicle.
  4. Warranty of the vehicle (it is stated under “as is” if there is no warranty of the selling item.
  5. Name, address, and signature of both the buyer and seller.

After all the formalities the columns are filled in, each buyer and seller keeps a copy of the document as proof of the dealing takes place. Usually, the buyer gets to keep the original copy of the document.

These simple bill of sale are available to you on our website which you can easily customize as you want. You can fill in all the information required and then print it out in front of your eyes. The print will be clean and clear and you can make any many copies as you wish.

Bill of Sale Form

The bill of sale word template is the format in which you will be able to edit and customize the template and then print it out. If you do not want to print them immediately then you can just download them or save them on your laptop or mobile phone or tablet. 

The bill plays a very vital role in the buying and selling of a good or an item as shows the record of the confirmation of the deal to take place. Other than using the Free bill of sale for your official purposes, you can also use it for your knowledge purpose. With the help of the templates, you will be able to learn about the formatting of the bill and how to fill the document. It will help you in knowing about the heading that should be included in the bill if you miss out on any of them in yours. 

Knowing about the right formatting helps you from getting fooled by potential fraud in the future. These templates will help you in enhancing your knowledge. You can just visit our website and get to know about the bill, what are its uses, how it works, why it is important, and its formatting. The samples of the templates available here are also can be used for official purposes as you can just print them out and use them any time and anywhere you need or want.

These templates are convenient if you want to use a digital format of the bill as these will be easy to use online. You do not necessarily have to have a printout if the dealing is taking place online.


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You can simply be sent the bill to the person you are dealing with and he or she can digitally fill up the format. Signatures can also be done digitally so there won’t be any issue on that part. In this age of digitalization, these online forms are the next step towards a bright future.